1. Send mails free
    Businesses fail due to lack of marketing, but the solution is always around. Download AB Bulk Mailer demo
  2. uses multiple senders to send mails in text/html format
    You can add different email accounts from different sites, including gmail,yahoo etc. to send mails. buy AB Bulk Mailer
  3. One time purchase only
    No monthly charges. Just purchase the software how to register
  4. Rotates senders, subjects, reply id,sender name, mail body after sending every mail and contains spintax features
    This way every mail send is unique in itself. User Guide
  5. Has an automatic twitter and facebook poster that posts tweets on social networks
    This is only software in the world that can be used for promotion using email marketing as well as social networks. how to register
  6. Email verifier
    You can clean your maillist by variety of techniques. This is built in future in mailer.
  7. Bounce checker
    You can track bounce mail and also check the client responses. learn email marketing