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AB Bulk Mailer

We have created the ultimate tool for all of your email marketing needs. AB Bulk Mailer is a bulk emailer that allows you to design and send professional looking emails to your customers and prospects for as little as fractions of a penny, directly from your own desktop.It send emails using multiple senders and rotates sender smtp servers after every mail send.

Our Software have all the features for a successful Bulk Mailing that can send 500,000 mails per day per machine free of cost using the free services like gmail, yahoo etc.

It is a targetted marketing tool for sending text and html mailing. It allows you to scheduling mails to your leads and sends fast. It has built in ready settings for smtp providers and shows all event logs for bulk mail sending. It has integrated newsletter templates and has a powerful group list management and allows a user to extract mails from websites, also has a built-in email verifier and has a world class bounce management for mass mailing. It is at #1 position on softpedia and softonic.com from last 4 years and is worlds popular email software and is available using many payment options.

It has a free email extractor and facebook and twitter add poster. Software contains splendid email tracking features

It allows extract contacts from google search and also allows email grabbing from by interaction and can also extract emails from file, excel etc.

It uses intelligent mass mailing technology and has all benefits of bulk mailing software. To begin any marketing via e mail all you need to di is to create say 10 gmail accounts and then start sending emails. You may use google analytics for website tracking to check mails going using your ab bulk mailer. AB Bulk Mailer has a built in group manager. It is a full fledged email delivery service software and is being used in 200 countries worldwide. It can use any server, gmail , yahoo, godaddy, amazon and what not. It is infact a atomic in sender. AB Bulk Mailer allows multiple accounts addition as senders. Kindly check some settings below:-



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