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AB Bulk Mailer Software users guide


AB Bulk Mailer is worlds best selling direct email marketing software to send emails, extract emails, verify emails, check bounces, and has built-in facebook and twitter poster that allow you to promote your business on social media. The software is at #1 on softonic (alexa world rank 250), tucows since last 5 years and has sold 7000 copies worldwide across 200 countries. It takes care of marketing needs of your innovation, business, idea or service..

Many of our customers use it to send business newsletters to their customers, many use it to find perspective customers for selling their products and services, many use it as link building tool for automatic posting adds on twitter and facebook; and in a strange case an unemployed student uses it to send CV's to companies. So it is directed marketing tool for targeted marketing. Below video shows this tutorial in action.

AB Bulk Mailer invented on christmas day of 25 Dec 2010, after a small order from a travel and tour operator,We3Holidays, has revolutionized the world of direct and targeted marketing. The company built this product in garage using world's best brains and this invention is a handy friend for an innovator, a small business man, a startup, entrepreneur, a person whose business has failed, a person or company who has developed an idea, product or service and wants to promote it worldwide,using mail and social media or even a student who wants to send CV's for jobs.

We spend our days and nights in building this product every day so that the person who has a dream wins finally. We believe in technology and not fancy colors. You do your work we will take care of the rest of your marketing needs..



Let us go for this tutorial for AB Bulk Mailer. Download and install the demo setup from any of below links:-

download link main 1 download link main 2 download link softpedia



When you click any of above link, it will show you below window.


Click save file and install the software normally.

If you .net framework 4.0 client profile is not installed you can install it from any of these links :- link1, link2, link3


Running the software:

Step 1:

Go to windows start menu -> click AB Bulk Mailer. You will see a screen like below:-

worlds best bulk emaile software

It is very easy to use software. smtp servers allows you to add multiple gmail/yahoo/hotmail/your website/smtp accounts. They are used as senders and mail goes using them.

How AB Bulk Mailer works in short :-1) add senders in 'smtp servers' screen, 2) create one html messages in 'Messages' screen 3) Import your leads in 'Contacts' screen. 4)In 'Easy send' select leads/contacts and email message that you created in 'Messages' screen and click send button 5) Optional add on features like 'social marketing allows' you to post advertisements free on facebook and twitter, 'bounce checker' shows for bounces of your mail sending, 'email extractor' allows you to build leads from google search using targeted marketing and 'email verifier' allows you to delete non-existent emails from your mail list.

Contacts are the emails/leads to whom we want to send mails. Let us click Contacts button.

This screen shows the email addresses to which you can send emails. These are leads.You can add as many as email addresses that you want here either typing one by one, or importing them from excel, notepad text files, email extractor .Duplicate emails addresses are automatically omitted. Mails can be sent to active contacts only i.e. whose 'active contact' value is checked.

To import fro, excel or csv file ,click on 'Import from Excel' button to see something like below:- import leads from excel files

Please enter index of fields to be imported from excel sheet. Suppose if email is contained in 5th column in excel sheet, then to import it enter index as 4 So it is actually one less than column number in excel sheet..

You can import any or all the fields of an excel sheet and they can be later inserted into the mail subjects and bodies in messages.

You can also store any type of values in field1, field2.... field7. It can contain any information like address ,names, ssn, age, invoice, amount or any relevant information. For example, filed1 can contain the phone number of the person to whom you want to send emails. You can import these fields automatically by importing from excel file.The advantage of using these fields is that they can be inserted into a dynamically created message, in Messages->Insert menu -> Custom Fields.Tip:- You need to enter 786 as the value of index field that you do NOT want to enter from excel sheet.

contact groups:

Putting too many email addresses in the software can unnecessarily slow down the software. So solution is to use contact groups. Say you have 100K emails,you can create two groups of size 50K each. This way you can achieve best performance. The contact group size recommended is 30,000 emails. There will be one active contact group at a time, so you can click any contact group button like BM, Project Manager etc below,to set it active. You can have any number of groups.

Group maker allows you to automatically create manageable lead groups in the software. It also includes a splitter that prompts for a file and creates manageable list of user defined size which can be imported back into the software. Please note, as long as you use contact grouping features there is no limit for the number of leads in ab bulk mailer.

Paste button:- Say you are on some web page or have a word, excel or any file open, you can copy and paste emails by clicking copy at one place and clicking Paste button in contacts screen in ab bulk mailer. For excel you can select entire column and click copy. If you have kept all the contacts in a singe group,clicking contact group automatically takes you to a wizard where you can split into groups.

Delete Contacts by file:- It prompts you for a text file containing emails which you want to delete all at once.

Centralized unsubscribe/blacklisted emails: The software lets you to unsubscribe an email address or even to maintain a handy blacklisted or bounced emails as shown above. So you can delete the blacklisted emails from all contact groups any time, by clicking 'delete all blacklisted emails' button. You can directly paste your blacklisted emails in the yellow box below:-

You can clear the blacklisted emails, shown in pink box above, any time, by right click using mouse, click Select ALL from context menu, and pressing delete key from keyboard. You may also clear it normally as in a text editor like in Word or Notepad. Please note centralized blacklisting feature is for your help, and typically in email verifier screen, when you add some emails to blacklist, you can delete them here. You can clear the box as many as times as you want.

Clicking 'unsubscribe' button above actually searches the email and marks the email as inactive in contacts screen. Clicking 'Get un subscribed emails' above shows a list of in-active emails. Please note that emails can be sent to active contacts only.

Adding email multiple senders/smtp servers

To send emails to 'contacts' you need smtp server or gmail, gmx, outlook.com, yahoo, comcast, your website emails, or a dedicated internet smtp server etc. You need to add them to the software one time and the software will use those sending email addresses to send emails. This system allows you to add MULTIPLE gmail/yahoo/outgoing details of smtp server accounts for sending mails and the software will rotate them automatically while sending emails.

Click smtp servers' button in the main window. click 'add sender' tab.


For example, if I add 1000 gmail/yahoo accounts i can send 1000 X 500 = 500,000 per day free because one gmail/yahoo account allow you to send 500 emails per day.

Click 'Add email account/smtp server' button. Below screen shot show how you can add a gmail/your website account to send emails.

Please note adding smtp account is a one time activity. You have to add each account once .Optionally, you may click tree on right, for automatically getting details of popular free smtp servers that can be added to the software.

To save the smtp account to your software click "Save" button. The account will get saved and will be used for sending emails.

Godaddy,hotmail,comcast,aol and many servers can been added. If you face any problem you can use other ports like 25,22,80,25 or 465. You may also login to your admin/cpanel hosting account or email provider settings and check outgoing pop mail settings for a given sender email address that you want to add to as smtp sender .Usually port 587 works with most smtp. Please note you need to enter outgoing mal settings rather than incoming mail settings.

Note: One Gmail or yahoo allows you to send 500 mails per day per account. So you have to add multiple accounts to send mails.We recommend that per hour limit for free accounts be also taken as 100.

For website based emails you can check the limits with hosting company. Typically godaddy smtp account has at least 128 mails per account per hour, same may be verified from them.


Godaddy,hotmail,comcast,aol and many servers can been added. If you face any problem you can use other ports like 25,22,80,25 or 465. You may also login to your admin/cpanel hosting account or email provider settings and check outgoing pop mail settings for a given sender email address that you want to add to as smtp sender .Usually port 587 works with most smtp. Please note you need to enter outgoing mal settings rather than incoming mail settings.

If you need additional help, please check below videos:-

  1. adding smtp/vps video
  2. adding website/cpanel emails video
  3. General US ascent video


AB Bulk Mailer handles this automatically for you. It will send mails based on per hour/day limits. This will prevent your accounts from getting blocked as system never sends more mails than specified in per day setting. Similarly it will never send more than per hour limit in an hour.

Scenario:- Say you have 2 gmail accounts and want to send 1200 mails. How system will work?

System will send 1000 mails from 2 accounts,if you keep AB Bulk Mailer running, limits will be reset by software, and system will send 100 from each of the two accounts. So it will take approx 25 hours to send 1200 mails using 2 servers as first 1000 mails will go in 5 hours and then system will wait till limits are available.

How many mails I can send per day:- Since you can use multiple senders, say total mails that you can send is sum of per day limits of each account. For example if you ten 10 gmail accounts you can send 10 X 500 = 5000 mails per day free. You have to create accounts yourself irrespective sites. You can also add your website emails or smtp servers. Do not use all accounts from the same server. I myself create accounts today and login few times to them for a week, and then start using them after 7 days. I use 3 accounts from gmail, yahoo, my site. More accounts you more mails per day you can send.

Do you want to send mails from your website?

Add your website mail in a similar way as shown below. The procedure is same as adding a gmail account. For your website/IP you can specify your own per day/hour limits as conveyed by hosting company.

Please note that if you have your own smtp server you can add that by entering 'smtp user ID' which need not necessarily be an email address. While adding smtp server 'Email Address' can be any email from smtp server or any email address from any domain. The 'smtp user ID'can an email address or any value like admin, root, userJohn etc.

For your website cpanel based email address, gmail, yahoo,outlook, gmx, msn,comcast etc., both email address and smtp user id should same.

If a gmail account is not adding, like shown below,then it will show something like below:-

You need to click each of the two blue links above and enable settings in gmail website.

So in brief, if gmail account is not adding even after doing above settings, pelase do below :-

1. Login to the account at the link https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps and enable access from less secure devices


2. unblock the gmail account at https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha


3. Go to link (https://myaccount.google.com/security) and in Security issues found tab check 'it was you' in the suspicious mail alert, so that Google understands that you have tried to send mail using AB Bulk Mailer

A)Enable access from less secure devices:- 1) go to web version of gmail.com website 2) login using the email address that is not getting added 3) in gmail settings enable pop/imap settings 4)In new window/tab open link https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps in the same browser window in which gmail is opened , and then click Enable in 'Access for less secure apps'.

B) Check pop forwarding settings for gmail account :-a)login to gmail account b) click wheel on top right ) click settings from popup)click Forwarding and POP/IMAP e) in pop download select 'enable pop for all mail'. As a shortcut you may also open the link directly https://mail.google.com/mail/#settings/fwdandpop

Similarly,for enabling pop settings for yahoo accounts, login to web version of yahoo mail website, click wheel icon on top right side, click Settings, click Accounts from the popup, in the email addresses shown on right click your email address and select pop option and click save button as shown below:-

For yahoo accounts, if they are not adding you need to login to the account and enable access using below steps.

Click link: https://login.yahoo.com/account/security#other-apps
Turn on "Allow apps that use less secure sign in"
Go back to your smtp servers and sign in to your Yahoo account again. It will add. Best way is to enable this setting, logout and after some days turn it off ,then turn it on, then login using browser. This will suppress the usual popup dialog that is shown by yahoo website during web login that your security settings are not ok.

Below which shows how to added multiple accounts.Right clicking shows some extra options.

It is not necessary that you add only few accounts, you can add say 30 gmail/yahoo/live/gmail etc accounts. You have to create the email addresses first in say gmail.com/yahoo.com and then enter them in the software. Inbox rate is directly proportional to the age/phone verification of the account. So create accounts say today and add them to the software after a week.

Add accounts from multiple servers rather than all from same server. By servers I mean gmail,yahoo, msn, cpanel etc. For own server you can add same account multiple times.

System uses an account on the basis of use order and rotates the email accounts automatically after sending every email.so,if you have yahoo and gmail accounts ,you can assign 'use order' to each like '1 'for gmail account and '2' for yahoo account ,3 again to gmail account and so on. The smtp servers will be used as per use order. This way you can set delay between mails to zero(in settings)for best use of software. If you keep per hour limit to zero for some account, it will not be used for mail sending. Also you should login your free email senders may be before/after heavy mailing to prevent them from getting blocked. Occasionally check your smtp servers using browser to see if all is well. You can click 'reset sent count' button if you feel resetting limits are not working properly..


Click Messages button from the main window.The system will show below window:-

Here you can create a new email message and mentions its main subject, main body, and other rotating subjects and bodies, attachments etc.

You can add pictures to email message and can create click able links and pictures.You can select some text or image and click Hyperlink from toolbar.

To insert images and substitutable items like receivers email, contact name, field1...7 etc,click Insert menu. For example, to insert email of recipient add [emailAddress] to your subject or body. This will automatically insert email of receiver when you send mails. This way you can make mails unique and ensure 100% inbox rate.

You can insert email address of receiver etc, by putting the [emailAddress] in mail subject/body. For example, you may put field5 of a contact(check contacts screen) by putting [field5] in subject/body,so on.

A typical mail may be like

Dear [contactName],

It is a pleasure to [field2] with [field3] having [field4]
of [field5] and address [field6] . calling back with [field7]

President - Company XYZ.
Visit our website at http://www.company.com
203 New Jersy LA
Telephone 1234567
Unsubscribe from this newsletter at http://www.companyxyz.com/unsubscribe
This mail was sent at [SENDINGTIME] to [emailAddress].

ticket number [randomnumber]

Disclaimer: The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) establishes requirements for those who send commercial email, spells out penalties for spammers and companies whose products are advertised in spam if they violate the law, and gives consumers the right to ask mailers to stop spamming them. The above mail is in accordance to the Can Spam act of 2003: There are no deceptive subject lines and is a manual process through our efforts on World Wide Web. You can opt out by sending mail to email id mention here and we ensure you will not receive any such mails.

in this case [randomnumber] will be substituted with 8 digit number, [SENDINGTIME] is time at which email is sent, [contactName] will be contains recipients email. Note these details can be entered in contact screen and can be imported from excel sheet.

How to rotate message subjects and message bodies

AB Bulk Mailer allows you to enter 30 different subjects and 50 email bodies which will get rotated after every mail that gets sent. This means every sent mail is unique and has a different message subject, different body and hence ensures highest inbox rate. It is a good idea to insert sending time, or unique number, fields1-7, in message bodies and rotating subjects.

It is recommended that you enter different multiple subjects and different bodies. Do as many as you can. Entering all subjects and mail bodies is not necessary.

rotating email body



Software comes with many built-in templates. You can also create your own templates.You can import mail templates from your computer or any website.


The software allows you to save your templates on your computer and also modify them. You can import and modify templates from any website and then use it.

How to tracks emails

Tracking is practically not recommended as it affects inbox delivery. You can track emails practically if you insert image in message.You may click Message -> Tracking from menu. It shows you how to track emails. Typically you need to click 'get tracking files for upload'. It will then show you some php files and upload it on your website. For php based website's, only you need to change user and and password for database in php files and create a table in mysql database with below script:-

 CREATE TABLE `opentracking` (
  `eid` varchar(64) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `ipaddr` varchar(16) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',

Then you need to upload getPicture.php and view.php to your website. Then in your message , at any place, type below:-

<img src="http://yourwebsite.com/getPicture.php?eid=[emailAddress]">

Then type http://yourwebsite.com/view.php . It will show you something like below:-

email addressip addresstime
abc@gmail.com 1/1/2015 12AM

If you are using non-php website's like jsp or asp.net website's,you can create the above table in your database and then create proper files keeping getPicture.php and view.php as reference. Basically you need to convert code from one scripting language to another.

Please check the video which shows how tracking works. you may analyze your campaigns with google analytics instead of using the above approach.

How to schedule emails

Go to Messages-> Options. Click schedule enabled, select schedule date and time, and contact group(which contacts group emails and can be created in contacts screen) to which scheduled message will be sent. Click Save button at bottom.

When the scheduled times reaches mail goes automatically.You can schedule multiple messages, each can have its own details and scheduling policies .Repeat every shows when to send the message repeatedly. Show if you select it, and keep it 20, this means that mail message will be sent to selected contact group after 20 days, provided the computer is set on and schedule checkbox is enabled. Once a scheduled mail goes, you can see it in dashboard.

scheduled email

Although adding attachment is not recommended as it effects inbox rate, we still can attach files from the Attach Files button. May be you want to change HTML yourself for the message. To do so go to from toolbar click ->Edit->edit HTML from menu. If you have some knowledge of html, you may change head part by clicking html dtd button.

As you can see above, you can attached any number of files to the message that you want to send. You can also enable spintax for your messages so that different sentences are spinned automatically with every mail sent. Do not enable spintax syntax if you are not able to understand what it is. You may preview the expressions created by clicking the blue hyperlink below the spintax checkbox. Additionally DTD can be set by advanced html knowing users to make the mail alignment more sharper and images less blurred for the email messages that are sent by the software.

You can enter 'friendly name' for a newsletter above just for memorization only, there is no other use for it.

How to add unsubscribe link

Un subscription is automatically handled. Still may be you want to add extra level of un subscribing, to do so in

click Insert menu from toolbar -> click 'unsubscribe link'


click' insert email unsubscribe link' . It will insert the unsubscribe link to message body. You can put it any where in subject or body. Entering a value for shown link, below, will be used for automatic un subscription which is used internally by the software and will not be visible to you. Optionally, though not required, you can also insert it to mail body.

 Optionally,you can directly insert any of below links in HTML menu -> edit HTML. 
 <a href="http://abcdef.com/page1.php?contact=[emailAddress]">unsubscribe me</a>
 replace abcdef.com by your website url
 <a href="mailto:globalmarketing@gmail.com">To stop getting mails </a>

So best thing to know is, if you have a link in your message like http://abcdef.com/page1.php?contact=[emailAddress], when mail is sent, software substitutes [emailAddress] by recipients' email, 
and when user clicks on it, the email to be un subscribed is passed to your the link, may be like  http://businessmarketing.com/getResponsed.php?contact=god@bluesky.com.

So if user clicks the link http://abcdef.com/page1.php?contact=[emailAddress], software passes email address as contact parameter which can be processed at your website end.

If you still can not understand it, enter a value for the Link and in Message Body insert a simple link with text unsubscribe and pointing to your website.

How to send mails?

Click Easy Send button, it will show you below screen .Simply select the leads from left and click the button > or >>, select the message that you want to send from top right button and then click Send button.

In software you can enter any unsubscribe url and it will help in increasing inbox rate. But when some one clicks on the unsubscibe link , that link opens, necessary automatic unsubscription needs to be handled by that link, and ab bulk mailer will pass email to be unsubscribed and rest of job is yours.I suggest enter a link there, and check bounce checker feature to find mails where user has requested to unsubscribe, and delete them from your contact groups manually. You can enter link by going to Messages screen and click Insert menu, click unsubscribe link in red color and enter any link (which can be a url or link to your website) in the dialog that pops up. For bounce checker, there is a yellow button with ball inside in main screen.

In Easy Send there are 3 options to send mails:-

a)Super fast Personalized:- It sends the emails fast and in parallel with one another. Say you have 10 email senders ( possibly gmail and yahoo accounts) and delay between mail as 11, this means 10 personalized mails will go at a time every 11 seconds. This option can be used for fastest mass mailing especially when using own smtp server.

b)Personalized:This is another mode of sending personalized mails.It sends emails one mail at a time. This has a highly recommended option in sending targeted mails and it has a high 100% inbox delivery rate.

c)Bcc mode: It allows you to send up to 45 mails at a time using bcc mode.It has lesser inbox rate.This option is not recommended with gmail/yahoo smtp senders. You may use it when in hurry.

If you have gmail accounts in smtp servers click gmail checker link on right while sending emails. That will automatically check the accounts and will prevent them from getting blocked..

If you click square box above progress bar you can see additional options like below. Clicking Gmail checker in it is important and can be used while sending mails using gmail senders. If you right click any where in Easy Send screen, you can find navigation links to contacts, email verifier etc.

email sending options

While sending mails you can click rotation button to quickly enforce reply id change with every outgoing email that is being sent. Reply id is email address that can be specified in settings to receive responses of your mail sending campaigns. It is effective to receive all replies on a single mail address as there are many senders through which mail goes. Mails do not go using reply id. Only Corporate Version allows changing reply id.

reply id rotatation

As can be seen above you can user a particular email address as reply id, or use mail sending account as reply id or provide a list of your own reply id. Recommended options are always best.You should change reply id setting occasionally to prevent your mails from getting to spam folder.

Logs allow you to see progress of mail sending, mailing history shows what mails were sent using which sender, health allows you to login to a sender during mail sending to fix any issue .Usually login fixes most of problems in mail sending as sometimes google or yahoo prompts you for some information which decides further mail delivery. Health of senders contains one by one account checkers for gmail and yahoo. You may right click All Contacts list to see below options:-

sort emails based on filter

You can dynamically load a list and may be sort it as per your wishes by field1 in Contacts. You can even import leads from any contact group, text files or clipboard.

gmail checker in action:-.

automatic gmail checker 

If some sender is blocked, to break captcha, you can click on unlock Captcha button in gmail checker in Gmail Checker or in Health of Senders in Easy Send.

If you right click, you can see many more options, special one among them is to copy emails from a link or a document and then directly pasting. You can cancel and save unsent email to file which you may send next time. To get contacts from another contact group, expand combo box at the top and click Get button.

import leads

Sample mail send by AB Bulk Mailer

Please note that mail goes direct to inbox and can be automatically un-u subscribed. When user clicks unsubscribe from this mailing list, gmail automatically sends mail to you and also calls your unsubscribe link that you have set in Message->Insert->unsubscribe. When receiver tries to reply the message, reply reaches to the mail as mentioned in settings window of AB Bulk Mailer :-

Please remove the person from who sends you unsubscribe request using email asap, as it may create serious issues for you. If you want to check what mails were sent and using which senders, you can check health of senders in easy send. You can also click old logs link for detailed history.

health of smtp servers

If you do not want to send emails to those to whom mails have been already sent, you can choose any of the 'do not send again options' and click go button. This will check the history and figure out emails to whom mails have been sent and then in-activate those or delete those as per the option selected by you. Clear History can be used if your history list is too greater in size and affecting the speed of the program.


Another way to send emails and newsletters -- Quick Email

There is another form of quick email option which you may like. It is optional. You may or may not use it. In dashboard screen, simply right click using mouse and select quick mail link. It allows you to copy email from some web page or document using Copy(Ctrl+C) and Paste it (Ctrl+V) and send a normal personalized routine mail to potential customer.

Quick mail


Bring business from social networks by posting advertisements on them free
Apart from targeted mailing, you can get business from marketing on twitter and facebook.You can click social marketing button from dashboard.It will take you to below screen. Practically if you click edit settings, it will show you a new window where you can enter say 100 + messages, user and password of twitter/facebook. Once you are done editing you can click Post Messages button shown below to automatically post your advertising messages to twitter or facebook. You need a single twitter and facebook account for this. You may see the miracle of this feature by adding at least 20 new followers in 5 minutes on twitter.

facebook poster

The new window shows like below:- You can enter say your twitter user and password normally and click save button.

As you can see above, you can enter up to 125 business tweets that can be posted on twitter. You can enter a link to which some twitter user can navigate on seeing your tweet. Typically the URL/Link should point to your website so that it gets more visitors(hence business)from twitter.

Also you can enter optionally hashtags. You may search google for top ranking hashtags related to your business and enter them here.You can contain up to 125 hashtags lines.

With every tweet posted, hashtags get rotated automatically. This is called MARKETING. Time has changed, you can not get all business by mailing only, you need to get business from viral social networks and this software helps you to lead the world there without paying any penny for promotion.

For facebook add posting use similar way as twitter poster above. Only facebook user and password, and may be a text file from is needed from which you can import advertisements by right clicking on the Message List shown below. For facebook, you can also enter your website link for marketing if you like.

You should create attractive messages so that customer gets attracted to them. For twitter account,however,we can set the maximum limit to number of tweets to add, for facebook there is no limit. Once you click Post Messages button shown above, or right click in the dashboard and select either twitter or facebook, adds/tweets will automatically get posted to twitter or facebook or both.

post to facebook and twitter


Go to settings and you see below:-

  1. Delay between mails:- ensure a good delay between mails. If you are using your own smtp server you may keep it as low as zero .Delay between mails is number of seconds; and it is when one mail goes after how many seconds the second mail should go. So it is a time between mails. If you keep it too low, say 5 seconds, receiving smtp server may bounce or mark spam your mails, resulting in a low delivery. It should be approx greater than 12 for gmail and yahoo smtp senders. For your own smtp server, you may reduce it. .
  2. Mail sending timeout : Increase it if your internet speed is very low. Internet connection timeout by default is 300 seconds, so if you have fast internet you can keep keep it say 50 seconds. So in that case if mail does not go in 50 seconds, it is not sent.
  3. Change header key to send unique mails as other ab bulk mailer may be using this key. Headers should not be too lengthy and should contain unique alphabets.
  4. If you do not want to send headers that make mails unique, uncheck 'use for better inbox' checkbox.
  5. You can set character of mails sent set to say chinese, Japanese etc. utf-8 is actually universal and should be used.
  6. From Email can be used if you have your own smtp server as gmail/yahoo does not like setting from from by user.
  7. You can change number of rotating bodies that will get displated in Messages screen
  8. click reset link to reset factory settings
set reply id


Setting up Sender Name & Reply Id.

Sender Name:- Enter any name, may be like name of email sender or company name. This name will be displayed to email recepient.

If you uncheck rotate checkbox, sender name will be displayed and you can change that. If you clock rotate,it will show you a grid of sender email, sender name that you to enter name for each sending account and the sender name will get automatically rotated with every mail that is sent, hence improving inbox rate.

In case you do not want the sender name rotated every time, uncheck the rotate checkbox.

rotate sender name during mail sending

When clients reply your email marketing campaigns., you will get informed on the Reply email address. Note mails go from different smtp accounts but replies reach on this single account so that you can check single email account for responses.Do not worry for blacklisting of reply id as mails are not sent from reply id.

Never set reply id is not recommended .If you check 'ensure better inbox rate, reply id will not be set to yahoo, msn, hotmail and few sites.Clicking help button will show you how to fix common problem like account blocking.


bulk mail

You can change color scheme, say like light pink,of your application by clicking Theme button.

Export every thing is used to store your leads, messages, smtp servers etc to a folder.If you click Restore every thing, it will restore leads, messages, smtp servers, settings etc back. You can use both the features to secure your leads and data so that your data can be restored even after computer is formatted.

Default value for insertable date-time attribute in messages i.e [SENDINGTIME] format can be specified

Check updates informs you for any new updates.

fix internet explorer allows you to fix problems in gmail checker and other browsers used in ab bulk mailer like yahoo checker, occasional login. You should click it at least once.

Safe mode allows no storing of history, recommended if you do not want any popups or get memory exceptions errors and is. recommended with Superfast mode in easy send

Clicking Change Database allows you to have multiple versions of ab bulk mailer on your pc.

Typically there is ABBulkMailer folder in your windows documents/My Documents folder. You can take backup of that and save a a copy of that at a different path in yourt pc. Later you can click the red link (like shown on left side with BM.mdb) and you can switch to that.So it allows you to have multiple instances of ab bulk mailer on your pc.

set additional mail headers Here you can optionally enter some extra email headers. Better is not to use any. To delete some header select entire row using mouse by clicking on left side of the row.
leads generation through email extractor

You can grab email addresses/leads from documents,excel files, text files, google search, craigslist, any country, youtube and any type of website/link.You can click on email extractor from dashboard to see below:-

As an example i entered travel agents @gmail.com @yahoo.com in search keywords, the system extracted emails for me all the top-ranking pages on internet, using the Google search engine. Duplicates and spammy emails are not retrieved automatically. The system searched for 100 top google results for exact phrase travel agents, and extracted leads for me to whom I can send targeted marketing mails. It is so simple. You can enter any country from which you want to extract emails. You can also select ALL option to search all countries. You can also enter website from which you want to extract by entering some value in Website Name box.

For example, if i use phrase as I am looking for loan @gmail.com, because usually a person who needs a loan gives such phrases on forums, public chat rooms, website's, or social networking systems, system will search all the internet using google search and grab the email addresses where user have given the exact phrase "I am looking for loan"..Actually @ is needed as email addresses contain @ symbol,also if you search @gmail.com , it searches internet for pages containing @gmail.com as most scrap able web pages contain @gmail.com part, and the system is intelligent enough to grab non-gmail accounts also from those pages.

If you get any limit error please click set keys to see something like below:-

set keys for google search

Email extractor video shows how to make settings. Click create key blue link shown above. It will open a web page where you need to login using a gmail account and you will be able to create api key and search engine id which you have to enter back in the above screen and click save button. Also clicking reset is not recommended.You may create multiple api's and search engines to handle google per day search limits by clicking create key link above and creating multiple google keys and search engines. Check detailed tutorial on setting email extractor using google search.

If you get some error like 'could not load assembly system.core', you need to download and run NDP40-KB2468871-v2-x86.exe file from this link. If you get any other error google it and find solution. Problem might be your .net framework 4.0 client profile x86 is not properly installed or you need to update your computer.

Saving Data:

Now, to save contacts click Add to my contacts button.

Use any of the 3 scrapping algorithms, use one which gives satisfying results. Also note that system also scraps ajax based dynamic website for email extraction. I suggest to use recommended one for better results.You can also enter a starting link, the system extracts using all the child links in that web link.Once you give a starting link are the links in the page are recursively scrapped.

You can also enter say any multiple links, may be 200 links in above 'extract from below links' box and system will search them one by one .Please note per day google search limits are not consumed in both of these cases. I usually use Google Search option, and click log and then in the log i check the links and then paste them all in the lower box above and hit the second Go button. Once I have more time, I use same links from log file and enter them one by one in top box and click upper go button.

If you have all your email addresses in a text file, you can use the option 'Extract contacts from text file.Extract by Interaction is a another option for scrapping for emails. System automatically extracts emails as you navigate the website, entered in the text box.

verify email addresses through email verifier

If you have an email database, usually they are incorrect. To verify such email addresses start the AB Bulk Mailer, and click Email Verifier button .Select your contacts , then press '>>' button, and then click Verify button.

Right click shows some more otions:-

verify incorrect emails

Suppose system verifies if an email mailer@emailsystem.com.

Verify only domain option:- The system will check if domain emailsystem.com, in above example exists, if not it will mark it is non existing. If the domain exists, it will mark it as existing and will not do vigorous extra checking. Usually this is my preferred choice to verify emails when i am in hurry.

Rigid security means not exists:- if a domain, say emailsystem.com. does not allow anonymous email verification for security, the system locates it. and if the option 'Rigid security means not exists' is checked the system marks the email as nonexistent.

Max threads:- A value from 50 to 100 is ok. So 100 email addresses can be verified in parallel.The system does not allow yahoo/gmail accounts as they do not allow it. But yahoo and gmail are not the only 2 website's in the world.At any time correct emails and incorrect emails help you to separate emails. System also helps you to figure out some mails that are incorrect, it is your choice to delete them.

To separate correct and incorrect email addresses, click get correct/incorrect emails button on bottom right. It will show you below

email verifier prompt

Click Yes button, it will show you below screen to separate correct and incorrect leads.

email verifier prompt email verifier prompt



bounce checker ... remove all bounced mails

The software allows you to find bounced emails. Since the mails go from senders in smtp server screen, if some mail is nonexistent., smtp server like gmail/yahoo/mail admin usually sends mail daemons if you try to send mail to such email. To use such a feature, you need to click bounce checker button in the dashboard screen.

bounce checker

All you need to do is to select some sending account, and click get bounces buttons. The pop/imap settings should be enabled for the account you want to check, for example, for gmail/yahoo you can check them in gmail pop forwarding settings. If you are using external pop/imap based smtp, you can ask the providing company to enable pop/imap settings for smtp. You can check bounces from one account at a time or many accounts together by clicking blue links shown above. In bounce checker you can also check latest emails that some clients may have sent to you.May be results contains a sales order for you from some customer to whom you mailed.
Health of senders

Since too many mails, although each one unique, are sent from same IP. So some times gmail or yahoo ask for some checks. The information they prompt needs to be entered to make the accounts ready to send mails. Account needs to be healthy to send mails. Email sending becomes health if you login to it using browser-- like chrome, Firefox or IE. While sending mails we recommend to run Gmail checker by clicking on Gmail Checker link in Easy send; it automatically logs to gmail account and gmail does not prompt for anti-bot information and helps in better inbox rate. You need to click health of senders link in easy send and check for this feature, and in which you can also check each gmail/yahoo account also to give a feel to google that account is operated by a human and not a bot.

healthy email sender accounts

If account is not healthy, you can login to it using browser, and check it again after mail sending, check if it is getting used or is flagged as blocked again. In that case you need to delete it in smtp servers to prevent creating further problems in mail sending. Other tabs allow you to login to a gmail,yahoo account one by one and check responses and latest mails.

periodic lgin to gmail accounts prevents them from blocking

Some problems and their solutions

To prevent accounts from getting blocked and ensure 100% inbox rate:-
use rotating subjects in Message, use rotating bodies in Message,
rotate reply id in easy send while sending mails click gmail checker link in easy send
for delay between mails use settings of say 18. Do spam check of all your emails in Messages
Verify as many as mails you can in email verifier. If you continue to send mails to nonexistent emails, google reduces the limits.
So verify as many as you can.Best practice is to create gmail accounts, that you plan to use with AB Bulk Mailer, and use them after 10 days. More better age
a sender in smtp has, better the inbox rate is.
Try to phone verify as many as accounts you can .Rotate sender name, reply id in settings frequently, even the IP/computer name for best results.Frst preference is to use personalized email, Second is to use super personalized mode in easy send. Create Unique emails, add sending time to all the 10 rotating subjects in Messages.Ater/Before heavy emailing login to all the accounts, especially gmail and yahoo accounts, by clicking 'health of Senders' link in main screen. For health of gmail accounts click 'Get Health' button. This will show you disabled/captcha accounts. Then login to all of the disabled/captcha in Occasional login. Then click Get Health button again, the error will go. For Yahoo Senders also, login in Occasional login'. The errors with them will go upon login. Insert Signature at the bottom of mails like:Yours,
President - Company XYZ.
Visit our website at http://www.company.com
203 New Jersy LA
Telephone 1234567
Unsubscribe from this newsletter at http://www.companyxyz.com/unsubscribe
This mail was sent at [SENDINGTIME] to [emailAddress]. ticket number [randomnumber]

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