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Bounce Checker

AB Bulk Mailer is a perfect tool to run an efficient Internet marketing campaign. As far as the email marketing is concerned AB Bulk Mailer can get all the stuff prepared for you; whether it will be the verification of emails to get a genuine list of email addresses, email management, sending emails in bulk, checking the email status post sending them or running the social media marketing campaign. you can utilize the various features of AB Bulk Mailer to reap all the advantages of this software.

Your assignment does not end up with sending emails in volume; you also have to track the bounced emails. You have to make it sure that your emails reach to your customers. Bounce checker is a very brainy technique used in AB Bulk Mailer to track the bounced emails.

While sending the emails in bulk you may get the issues of bounced emails. Bounced emails can be a result of so many things like nonexistent emails, emails blocked from customer’s side, or maybe customer’s mailbox is full. You can use email verifier in the software to verify all the email list you have in your database to get a correct list of email contacts but the issue of bounced emails may occur at times. You can track the bounced emails in AB Bulk Mailer using the Bounce checker. AB Bulk Mailer has proved itself a reliable email checker. You can go through the user guide once to check the working of the bounce checker.

Using bounce checker you can recheck the delivery status of emails. You don’t have to go through every email manually just click on the bounce checker in the main window of the software and check all the required details. Before sending the emails it is recommended to test them first using email verifier and get an accurate list of contacts but besides that, if the emails will fail to deliver due to the above-mentioned reasons Bounce checker will get the things checked for you.


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