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This agreement details the terms of use of the program provided by this website to you (hereby referred to as "You" and "Your") and may be modified and updated occasionally. By using or registering the software provided by www.abbulkmailer.com, you agree that you have both read and understand the Terms and Conditions laid out in this agreement and accept that use of the service is the equivalent of a signed and written legal contract. You also agree that you will review the Privacy Policy laid out here from time to time to be aware of any changes, additions or deletions.


Notice:- AB Bulk Mailer is for email marketing people/startups/positive marketing to subscribers and not for spammers/hackers/criminals. Email sending person is himself responsible for any consequences for the mails he sends/extracts using the software. We are not responsible for any misuse of the software as it is beyond our control and such bad people have other ways to accomplish malicious intentions. Any violation in use of this software be reported to us so that we can try to disable the license. Our goal is not to make money but help real and honest people who can achieve marketing targets in a lawful way.

AB bulk mailer software is a marketing tool for businesses. We are not responsible for any misuse of this software. This software can be used by entrepreneurs to market their products and services across internet.This tool is not for spammers, it is for real businesses. Company can change its terms and conditions any time for survival in the competitive market. Other terms and conditions are below:-

1. Updates shall be free for one year after purchase but company shall not guarantee lifetime updates due to policy changes.

2. Misuse of the license, if reported, shall involve instant disabling of license.

Software Research Apps is not responsible for any mail sent using AB Bulk Mailer. User enters email address/password combination from Gmail, yahoo or any other site and software uses those authorized credentials to send mail. It is beyond our control to check what the user sends, to whom he mails. We owe no responsibility as provider of software as same things can be achieved with other email clients like Microsoft Outlook, ThunderBird, Edura or a normal gmail/yahoo online mailing sites of Google & Microsoft. Also many countries have different email harvesting regulations. User may be using Email Extractor as per law prevailing in his/her country. The idea of email extractor is for to save time for those people who do things as per law of the land in their country.

In case of any fraud by cheating,cyber crime, phising, threatning , extortion, hacking done through spamming , or hacking mail by some user through this software, we can not do much in it except we can try to provide ordering information, if any such available, as user may be using a stoolen or cracked license. Company has no control on such activities as AB Bulk Mailer is another tool like sendblaster, thunderbird, or AMS, Mailchimp, which are expected to work for better causes. However all the available information will be shared with concerned parties to nail the hacker/spammer.

User has to use the software as perapplicable laws of the land.

Once a user purchases AB Bulk Mailer on our website, we do send software licenses through email, so we have no proof if the user has entered a correct address/tracking information. Also we can not control if user is using a cracked version of the software. While tracing the sender of the mail sent by a user of AB Bulk Mailer, law enforcing agencies can contact the email service provider like Google, Yahoo or smtp/Hosting company from whose server the mail has gone, as they have IP tracking information. Since AB Bulk Mailer checks authentication from providers of email senders every time it sends mail, onus lies on the provider of Google, Yahoo, Facebook or others who provided smtp account to the fraudster emailing person . So providers of such smtp services like Google etc are responsible for the losses that the receipient of the email has faced. They might have tracking information on it. Our software is just a normal mail client like thousands of others on the internet that can be used for email marketing. If any body uses it for bad things, he shall himself be responsible for it as he can do the same things from other free open source tools also.

The makers of AB Bulk Mailer software do not steal or collect any information from the users. It is simply a newsletter software that may also be used for sending offers to the subscribed people. The software is complaint to IT Act 2000 and Software Research Apps is a registered with government and regularly filing all IT Returns, since inception as per law. As a social cause, 2.5 percent of the revenue generated from sales of the software is directly given to hungry poor people, irrespective of the religion, including poor and bright students who can help the world in future Sciences, Mathematics, artifical intelligence and fight against covid 19.

So in short we are not responsible for any mis-use of the software in the same way as Microsoft is not responsible if someone uses Microsoft Outlook to send some phising/hacking/spamming mail. Only provider of smtp account(server) is responsible in such cases as authentication for mail sending is given by them to the AB Bulk Mailer. AB Bulk Mailer can not send mails without smtp server/account. So simply we are not responsible or pay for any loses the receipient faces as we never send mails on the client's behalf. It is only the person who sends mails who can be held responsible. Also while installing AB Bulk mailer, we simply do not allow the user to install the software unless he accepts the above agreements for not misusing the software.

Any dispute arsing shall be done strictly handed by arbitration. However before any such dispute, other would get atleast few chances to resolve it on mutual consent.

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