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AB Bulk Mailer is an extraordinarily capable tool when it comes to email testing. You can get your Email Contacts Verified for free. You can undoubtedly verify the emails in bulk. AB Bulk Mailer can make this challenging task effortless for you. This Software can eliminate the nonexistent emails from the email list you have to get a pure list of email addresses. To refine your email list and to get a healthy base of email contacts you can use Email Verifier integrated within AB Bulk Mailer.

AB Bulk Mailer has a powerful built-in technology to validate the emails. The built-in Email verifier in the software will help you to verify the email addresses stored in the Software database. You can Import the email addresses from text files, Excel files and from the CSV files and can save the contacts in the software. You can, later on, verify them using the Email Verifier. This feature will remove all those emails from the list that does not exist or are inaccurate. Email Verifier helps you in obtaining the list of actual and correct email addresses and removing the incorrect ones.

You can prepare a profitable and efficient list of contacts using Email Verifier. Email verifier will help you to reduce bounced emails. You can use Email verifier in order to be more productive in your business.

Check the user guide to understand the working of Email Verifier in detail.


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