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1. What is AB Bulk Mailer?

 AB Bulk Mailer is worlds #1 internet marketing software with built-in email extractor, email verifier, bounce checker, add poster on Facebook and Twitter.

2. How can AB Bulk Mailer help you?

AB Bulk Mailer is the handy friend of every businessman. It helps you to promote your business world wide for free. Using this software, you can search your customers on the internet and can find a healthy base of the potential audience for your business.

3. Do we have to pay monthly to avail the services of this software?

No, there is only one-time payment for lifetime use. You do not have to pay monthly.

4. How is AB Bulk Mailer different from other mailers?

AB Bulk Mailer is the only bulk mailer in the world which has a social media poster to post for free on Facebook and Twitter and has an intelligent mechanism which makes it possible for the emails to land directly in customers inbox. It makes it sure that your sales email gets converted into a sale.

5. What is the latest version of AB bulk mailer?

Version 10.0 is the latest version of AB Bulk Mailer. You can check the link for the updates.

6. How to download the old version of AB Bulk Mailer?

To download the old version of AB Bulk Mailer click on the link.

7. How to upgrade to the new version of the software?

For upgrading the software to the latest version you can check the link.

8. If the user will face major/minor issues while operating the software then how to find the guidance?

If you will face any issues while operating the software, the software will guide you at every step. Apart from this, for any guidance you can refer to the user guide, contact the support team on the abbulkmailer.com or email your queries at abobjects@gmail.com.

9. Can we get the technical support from the company?

Yes, there will be 24/7 round the clock technical support from the company. Kindly check the link for further info on technical support.

10. How to use AB Bulk Mailer?

You can check the user guide of the software on this link. You can also watch the following video tutorials to understand how AB Bulk Mailer works:- Tutorial-1

11. Can we try this software before the purchase?

Yes, you can try it before its purchase. You can download the demo version of software from the link.

12. What is the difference between Corporate and Standard Version of the software?

To know the difference between the Corporte and the Standard version of the software you can check the link.

13. From where can we buy AB Bulk Mailer?

You can buy AB Bulk Mailer from the following links
(For Global customers)
(For Indian customers only)

14. What are different payment modes to purchase AB Bulk Mailer?

You can purchase AB Bulk Mailer through Paypal, Debit card, Credit card, and Net banking. You can contact us for further details on payment making.

15. How can we register for this software?

After the Purchase of the software, you will get a license email with all the steps required for the registration. Alternatively, you can watch the complete video tutorial on the working of AB Bulk Mailer available on the link.

16. How much amount we have to pay for extra licenses?

One license will work on 1 computer. Additionally, you need to pay $10 per computer. You may add $10 for every extra pc to the amount displayed. Say you order a corporate license for 2 PC's you can pay $47 for 2 PC's, $57 for 3 PC's.

17. Can we update standard version to the corporate version?

You can always buy Standard version and update to Corporate version any time at the link.

18. Can we get free updates?

You can get free updates upto atleast one year from the date of purchase.

19. What does SMTP server mean in AB Bulk Mailer?

SMTP server means the senders like the email addresses you add in the software to send the emails. You can add the senders from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc, own dedicated SMTP server and can add website emails as well.

20. What are the other ports that can be used in any SMTP if port 587 will not work?

Port 587 works with most SMTP but incase you face any problem you can use other ports like 25,22,80,25 or 465.

21. How many emails can be send using AB Bulk mailer in one day?

You can send thousands of emails in a day using AB Bulk Mailer depends on the number of senders you have added in the software. To understand the things you can watch the video available on the link.

22. Out of thousands of emails sent per day how many end up in the spam folder?

There is a 100% inbox delivery. All your emails will land in the inbox of the customer. Watch the video tutorial to understand the mechanism of this software in a better way.

23. Can we check the history of the emails sent so far using the software?

Yes, you can check the email history in the “Easy Send” option of AB Bulk Mailer.

24. Can we insert the "unsubscribe link" in the email body so that the customers can unsubscribe from our emails?

Yes, you can insert the "unsubscribe link" anywhere in the message body or subject to give the recipients an option to unsubscribe from your emails.

25. On which Social media platforms you can post using AB Bulk Mailer?

You can post on Facebook and Twitter for free using AB Bulk Mailer.

26. What is the function of Bounce Checker in AB Bulk Mailer?

Bounce checker can help you to check the bounced emails so that you can track them.

27. What is the function of email verifier in AB Bulk Mailer?

You can verify emails in your contact list using Email Verifier. You can remove the non-existent emails from your list to get a pure list of email contacts.

28. What is the function of “Gmail Checker” in the software?

We recommend you to run “Gmail Checker” while sending emails by clicking on Gmail Checker link in “Easy send”. It automatically logs to Gmail accounts and Gmail does not prompt for anti-bot information and helps in better inbox rate. It prevents accounts from getting blocked.

29. What is the function of “Health of Senders” in the software?

Account needs to be healthy to send emails. You should keep a regular check on your senders to check whether they are working or not. In the “Easy Send” option you need to click “Health of Senders” link in which you can check the accounts and also give a feel to Google that account is operated by a human and not a robot.

30. Can we change the reply id in AB Bulk Mailer?

Yes, you can change the reply id in AB Bulk Mailer.

31. Does both Standard and Corporate Version allow changing the reply id?

Corporate version has all features including reply id changing. Standard version does not allow Changing reply id.

32. Why we need to change the reply id in AB Bulk Mailer.

Reply id is an email address on which you receive responses and frequently changing it increases inbox rate.

33. Does AB Bulk Mailer has spin syntax features?

Yes, AB Bulk Mailer has spin syntax/Spintax features.

34. Does this software have DTD features?

Yes, AB Bulk Mailer has DTD features.

35. Can we add our own dedicated SMTP server and website email in the software?

Yes, you can add your own dedicated SMTP server and website email in the software as senders.

If you have any query which is not listed above, kindly let us know by sending an email on abobjects@gmail.com. We thank our customers from all over the world for their appreciation and support. Our company will surely update AB Bulk mailer from time to time to meet the basic marketing requirements of any business. For any queries and suggestions you can mail us at abobjects@gmail.com, we are also available on Facebook as Software Research Apps and you can find us on Skype by the name of abobjects.