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Email Marketing to subscribed customers made easy!

AB Bulk Mailer, world's #1 internet marketing software with built-in email extractor, email verifier.


No monthly charges. One time payment only for life-time use.


Imagine how many orders you get when your sales mail goes direct to inbox..

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Price or Performance or both?
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AB Bulk Mailer is here to get you in the eyes of the desired audience via emailing. Create a comprehensive and noticeable email message, same stuff with unique subjects, and land them in the recipient's Inbox.

Based on the per day and hour limit of any SMTP server, and multithreading feature in software, send multiple mails at a time resulting in thousands of emails in an hour.

Spintax, customized fields, rotating subjects, rotating bodies, senders, sender names and reply ids will never allow the spam folder to receive any email sent through the software of AB Bulk Mailer...

Give an option to your subscribed base to unsubscribe you by adding an unsubscription link in the subject line/email body.

AB Bulk mailer has a lot to offer
Download the software and check through the trial not bound by time

AB Bulk Mailer is a smart email marketing tool that can be used to promote businssesses and ideas world wide free and fast.

It sends personalized emails free using multiple email accounts of gmail, yahoo, msn, godaddy,gmx, your web site,VPS or any smtp server like verizon, amazon etc.AB Bulk Mailer is only software in the world where mail goes direct to inbox. 100% inbox delivery guaranteed.

Provides automatic rotation of smtp/email sending accounts,has 30 rotating email subjects and 500+ rotating bodies with full spintax capabilities, rotating reply id/sender name with every mail sent.... means every mail that you send has a different subject and a different body, a different reply id/sender name and is sent by a different smtp account.

*** It sends mails based on per day and per hour limit, contains email verifier, automatic un-subscription, bounce checker,tracking, latest mails from pop/imap server,automatic gmail / yahoo checker that prevents accounts from getting blocked


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