What exactly,  is spintax?

In AB Bulk Mailer, in Message body try to insert any or of below :-


{Hello|Hi} {World|People}! {C{#|++|}|Java} is an {awesome|amazing} language.

Now when mail are sent the above statements are automatically spinned to create unique message body which lands in inbox directly.

General Spintax Example

Let’s look at a spintax example using the most common spintax format.

Let’s say our original has the sentence:

Writing articles is a lot of fun.

Now if we format the above sentence with spintax, we might have something like:

{Writing|Creating} {articles|stories} is a {lot of fun|rewarding experience}.

Each of the words or phrases contained with {|} are randomly substituted in the spun article.  So for the above example, some of the variations generated would be:

Writing stories is a lot of fun.
Creating articles is a rewarding experience.
Creating stories is a rewarding experience.

And so on for all the combinations possible.  The number of variations depends on what software or service you use with your spintax.

You can spin articles at the word, phrase, sentence or paragraph level or a combination of all these.


Nested Spintax

Nested spintax refers to two or more levels of spinning.   Not all spinning software or services support nested spinning.

Nested spintax is probably best explained with an example.

Let’s say I have the following sentence in spintax format:

Article directories are {an important {element|component|aspect} of SEO|useful for {getting|gaining} backlinks}.

In the example above,  the first level spintax is in blue and the 2nd level is in green.  So some examples of the output this example would produce is:

Article directories are an important aspect of SEO.
Article directories are useful for getting backlinks.
Article directories are an important element of SEO.

Optional Words or Phrases

Another spintax function that is supported by most spintax formats is the facility to make a word or phrase optional.

An example of this is:

The best {|overall|general} product.

Note there is no word specified before the first pipe symbol.  The above spintax example would produce the following results:

The best overall product.
The best general product.
The best product.