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Software Research Apps has been started to help small businesses in marketing their products and services through internet.

The company is a government registered firm.The company works for the advancement of future computing in computer sciences and engineering and is a leader in development of marketing software. The company specializes in building advanced software systems, web designing, Geo Systems, earth sciences, physical sciences, and any area where use of computer programming can solve the day to day problems of complex business processes. AB Bulk Mailer is the one technology of products of the company that is still #1 in world and can be used to send marketing mail to subscribed people..

The company company has global presence in US through its resellers. The company is registered as firm with government and employs talented people all across the world. The computer scientists at are worlds top engineers with 18+ years software development experience.

The company does not send any mail to any one for any activity and is not responsible for any mis-use of AB Bulk Mailer, which has been just created to help businesses rather than any spamming activity. The company has no control on how its email software, i.e AB Bulk Mailer is used by users. Since mails can be sent using any mail tool like Outlook, Gmail website or thirdbird etc, so we are not responsible for any mis-use of the software.

For careers please mail bm@abbulkmailer.com with detailed CV's. Investors can mail us at bm@abbulkmailer.com