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bulk mailing software

Simple reason to use it --- The customer does not know you are offering the service they are looking for.The software contains every thing from email extractor that extracts email address relevant to you from google search, email verifier, world class unsubscribing, contacts, scheduling email compaigns,allows to send mails free, personalized as well as bulk mailing, free mailing and is used in 46 countries world wide It can change the destiny of your business within days. At least 1 % of mails can turn into orders. So if you send 1 million mails every day, you may get thousands of orders every day.

ab bulk mailer software from ab bulk mailer on Vimeo.

AB Bulk mailer is the result of years of research in the marketing through email. This tool is suitable for any company, any person, any service based or product based companies. Argument to use it is simple --- the end user does not know that the product or service they need is the one you offer .The software can be typically quite useful for :-
call centers, IT companies, companies looking for projects, enterpreneurs, business men and women from any field They can email different people for new projects, joint ventures etc
travel agents they can inform customers about new tours, offers, travel destinations, expand market
hotels and lodges The can email people for attractive rentals, cheap rentals, show presence of their services and stays
Entrepreneurs & Business men, manufacturers They can launch new products and services. They can also promote their existing customer base
advantages of email marketing / bulk mailing :-

Email marketing concepts:-

Usually companies arrange promotion campaign through email marketing agencies. The agencies have usually a database that they purchase from some other companies. They pay for it, rates are roughly for $100 for sending a specific mail to 0.1 million people. The companies then send mails which usually are spamming and go directly to the spam folder of users mailbox as the mails are send to the same database of people using unprofessional techniques.


Happy news--- these problems are solved by AB Bulk mailer:-It is a pleasure for us to present our glamorous email marketing tool that can can help you to expand your travel business world wide using internet. Businesses these days need to use technology to promote business. The software is a one time investment and can bring your business ahead by 20 years. The software can send 30,000 mails per hour free of cost using the free services like gmail, yahoo etc. Below is a screen shot of the software:-

AB Bulk Mailer

AB Bulk Mailer:- most popular email marketing, bulk mailing and email scheduling software that sends 7,00,000 business emails per day FREE. Try it. This is a right tool for business. This tool can change the destiny of your company within days. Now you can easily compete with the big companies who spend too much on email marketing just by purchasing this software for $30 i.e Rs 1500  only for a lifetime use. The software comes with money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it we shall return the payment back.So hurry up, try this software, it can be a great decision for the success of your organization. It can bring you nearer to your business goals by at least 20 years. The success of an organization depends upon the decisions that are taken on more critical occasions. Please try it to gain an edge over your business rivals. This tool is a right tool for enthusiastic people/organizations who want to achieve success in a shorter time by setting up new business standards.

Bulk mail is not wrong but is a tool to bring business to your organization.Please check below video's to see how it works:-

AB Bulk Mailer Video

Now you can easily compete with the big companies who spend too much on email marketing.

Main features of AB Bulk mailing software:-

Analyze your campaigns with Google Analytics

Probably you might want to know if your e-mail marketing campaigns are reaching the result you are expecting.

So, what happens after your recipients click on a link on your e-mail? Google Analytics is a completely free web analisys tool that can track your recipient's actions when they reach your website and give you the answers you need.


You can determine basic statistics as the number of your website visitors, their geographical provenience or how long they stayed on, and much more useful informations to deal with.Another interesting data to analyze is represented by traffic sources. This can help you to determine how many visitors landed on your website after clicking on banner ads or, what's most important to you, on a link on your newsletter.

To get started with Google Analytics you only have to include a special Javascript code each page you want to track. Sign up to start using Google Analytics. Typically you need to visit the site and put javascript in your html/php/jsp/aspx etc page. After that you need to enter the link in AB bulk mailer. For example: you website is www.xyz.com, you can insert the google javascript that you obtained from Sign up in say a page sales.htm located at www.xyz.com. To insert a link please select some text in AB Bulk Mailer Message body and click link icon. You can also enter the link in HTML view from menu. So when you provide a link www.xyz.com/sales.htm in your email that you send ( in message body), you can then check http://www.google.com/analytics site to see how users visited your site and from which countries/places they visited and how long. etc.

E-mail Branding Software/Bulk E-mail Marketing Software

World’ most popular brands have a very efficient marketing system behind it. E-mail marketing takes your brand to the next level where you achieve the maximum recognition of your products. These days, e-mail marketing is considered as an inevitable marketing strategy. This is where the importance of e-mail marketing online software comes. It makes the designing of HTML and text- based newsletters easy. It let you to deliver modified e-mails to your target customers through mailing lists.

This dynamic e-mail advertising and communication tactics ensure the expansion of your business.
E-mail Online Software not only helps you in mass e-mail marketing but it enables you to send bulk e-mail. Search engine helps you in achieve your Internet marketing strategy; however, that is not enough, boost in the sales happen when we build up a trust among customers. You can send personalized e-mails to new mailing list users. By this way you can turn the web visitors into the potential customers of your product. The e-mail online software virtually can help you in popularizing your brand.

What AB Bulk Mailer offers you?

ABM is incredible marketing software through which you can send bulk e-mails. With the help of our unique and result-oriented customized software, you will be in a position to send bulk e-mail newsletters, targeted e-mails and updates, etc.

If yours is a small business set up, then you may need to send only hundreds instead of thousands of e-mails to clients every week. We are the reliable sender of your e-mails and make sure that they are opened and read, thereby accelerating your business growth.

Create a business brand and explore new opportunities
Reach global market and gain global business
Suitable marketing and promotion of your products and services
Assist in increasing your website traffic
Generate new business leads
Ensure high e-mail compliancy
Providing advanced internet marketing strategy by helping in implementation of different online tactics of marketing such as search engine optimization, email marketing, viral marketing and affiliate marketing.
Third Generation Resources helps your site to scale high and generate more sales through Email marketing strategy.

Manage your contacts group wise
Send a bulk e-mail group wise
Upload Images)
Save templates which you can send to multiple contacts
Our e-mail marketing software system helps your business to create a popular brand name. With the help of this marketing platform, you can reach your potential customers easily. Our services help you grow if you aspire to build a successful business.

How AB Bulk mailer is superior to Email Marketing agencies: Bulk emailing software became an essential component of modern bulk mail marketing strategies. Direct mail marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful bulk email marketing software solution. Live Software delivers to you perfect free bulk email software for permission based targeted bulk email marketing campaigns, bulk email advertising and mailing lists building at your desktop.

  1. It is free to use for a lifetime use
  2. It allows you to send mails yourself
  3. It has lesser spam rate
  4. It is easy to check and send
  5. It is fast and works even when you are not office
  6. Automates manual mail sending.
  7. Easy to install and use
  8. Send bulk email from your PC
  9. No monthly fees like email services
  10. Proven technology for bulk email advertising
  11. Free bulk email software
  12. No monthly fees like online email marketing services
  13. Do bulk email marketing your own way – any mailing list size, any frequency of newsletters
send email newsletters, targeted email campaigns and email announcements
Email message personalization
Email messages templates
Built-in database to manage lists
Easy html message editing
Compatible with FrontPage and Dreamweaver
Supports embedded images and flash
Mass Emailing Solution  
Today’s market is highly competitive and the winner is always a company with the best customer communication and service. It is real tough to provide constant and up-to-date communication with your clients, but the rewards are tremendous. It does not matter if you have a small scale business or a big company; communication has always been a problem.
Imagine you have a new product with less Advertisement budget it is not at all feasible to call every individual and promote your product, services or concept. Bulk mailing or mass mailing is a tool that can be always used with minimum expenses to promote and highlight the product or services that you wish to. By following these processes you give a shape to your requirements in terms of targeted clients and industry. The cost for the complete affair is far less than what is required for a general promotion, even a road show eventually targeting the most lucrative client in most audacious way.
We facilitate you with its Bulk mailing software together with bulk mailing facility (Server) which can be used to send the newsletter in the HTML format and also features the exclusive subject insertion and matter editing facilities. This can fetch you unexpected results for your business and it is the best way to penetrate in the desired market with minimum cost.

It is important to use best direct email marketing software for managing targeted email marketing campaigns. Choose one of the above opt-in email marketing software and have a successful time on the web.

Utility & Features:

E-mail marketing software

From Wikipedia, Definition

Email marketing software refers to a computer application which provides the ability to send bulk email to target audiences. The intent is usually to send newsletters or promotional materials to opt-in lists of subscribers, although the software can be used to send unsolicited email. The software typically includes a database that stores contact information, campaign statistics, and message history. The interface provides features necessary to run an email campaign, such as message sending, contact entry, contact importing, and reporting. Software packages range in price from free, to about five hundred US dollars. Some companies charge a monthly fee. There are also enterprise solutions that can cost thousands of dollars a month to manage large enterprises mass marketing email campaigns.



Most email marketing software has features that assist the user in the process of organizing contacts, creating campaigns, and scheduling communication. In addition, the software usually provides features, such as an "unsubscribe check" that assist in complying with the CAN-SPAM law. Email marketing software can also provide tracking functions such as how many people have opened an email, how many emails bounced back, how many people visited the hyperlinks provided in the marketing message, and how many people actually purchased something as a result of the email. Each email service provider has their own take and approach to these different features.

Some of the most common features are:

 AB Bulk Mailer meets all these requirements.

Mass mailing service with effective mass mailing servers that helps promoting your business at larger scale. The mass mailing application shoots a specific amount of mails per hour. Our mass mailing service allows the user to upload the mailer, check the response, receive query and manage quantity.

For searching a new market every industry follows various terminology or methods and spends a big amount but each one does not achieves the success in this field without touching the mass audience of their industries.

Here in Hans, we offer a fool proof mass mailing solution with the best mass mailing server and the mass mailing application / software.

So if you want to promote your business, products and services, email marketing campaigning is one of the best options for you. There is no need of a mass mailing server of your own that costs you. We provide you a service in which you can send mail like the dedicated server and it will cost you lesser than other source of promotion.

This mass mailing application is a user friendly provides you the statistic of your mailing campaign. As a professional mass mailing server provider of India we are capable of designing a perfect mailer for you represents your business as well as gives complete details of your products and services effectively.

Email Marketing That Will Improve Your Business

ABM combines all aspects of email marketing into a single & easy to use platform. Seamlessly create beautiful & engaging emails, send them to your segmented subscribers, and see what interactions & reactions occur in real time! Email marketing remains one of the best marketing options for positive returns on your investment.

Why You Need To Choose AB BULK MAILER

We make email marketing easy. For over eight years we have been innovating & pushing the limits of what email marketing can do for you. In addition to our platform you will have access to our email marketing resources, educational guides, and top of the line support. Helping your business succeed is our top priority.


Some points must be remembered while using mass mailing or bulk mailing to promote your business.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a sort of marketing which use the strategies complexly. We need to keep up with those strategies and measure to come out with the best of the results. Sometime in taking care about the hustle bustle of other thongs we neglect the basic features we need to implement with our marketing email messages.

For this reason, I am here to let you revise all of those factors which can make a good email message. Check out if you have failed to put these features in your marketing message.

Welcome Messages: Welcome messages are used to maintain the good relation with your subscribers. As soon as a user subscribes to your marketing services they need to be welcomed. This let them know that they are welcome and give them a feeling at home. Welcome message is actually a confirmation for the subscription or purchase. It also encourages your subscriber to buy from you, your services and products.

Your email message must have the some of the features privacy policy, preference centers and online customer services.

Viral Message: viral message is a sort of message which is beneficial enough which spreads throughout on its own. The customer supports its spreading. It is one of the most efficient ways to accelerate acquisition and response rates in a cost effective manner. There is some practicability that it will result in the confusions or concerns but you must provide the option for the removal of concerns by the discussion among the email service provider (ESP) as they are capable of directing you to the legal ramification of viral marketing.

Personalization: you have to provide your users with the option for the personalization to your client. The personalization option means handling control to your users. This means that you have to provide options for unsubscribe, preference changes and other same things.

Surveys: they allow your customers to work out their needs in front of you. They can place the things or services they need from you. You need to places different surveys to your customer. Provide them with the availability to say what they want to. The survey is an effective tool to help evaluate different phases of your marketing. The phases of your email marketing can be the online and offline initiative overtime. The quality of services evaluation and some other strategic initiative evaluations. While you go for this survey thing in your marketing strategy you need to keep a golden rule in your mind: you need to keep the survey as brief as possible, keep asking for the information and collect them, the information collected will be needed to you and will use it.

Thank-you Messages: the last but not the least thing you will want to have with your email messages is: thank-you message. It is the most important factor of all. This is used for your customer's appreciation. It is a renowned fact that that the "simple thank-you is also appreciated." Use it.

These are the rules of effective marketing strategies. Apply them.



In Dec 25, 201o the we Software has released the Bulk Mailer 1.0 - the brand new version of leading bulk email marketing software. Bulk emailer is easy-to-use mass email software, which is used to send bulk email. It's well-known for special sending modes, outstanding email deliverability and powerful mailing lists functions. Unlike any other bulk email programs, direct mailer is much better optimized for bulk mailing.

Perform an effective and fast email marketing campaign.

Bulk Mailer makes the process of mass mailing fast and easy. You can download the free version of Bulk Email Software and begin your mass email marketing campaign right now. To be in web top means nothing without active sales. Your messages should be trustworthy and legal to make your clients interested. Remember that regular users become your customers after you offer them what they really need and search for. Don't worry about the danger of being blacklisted. Just put into your letters our free opt in/out forms. Thus your message will be considered absolutely legal. Bulk Mailer helps you to manage the email lists. Use the software when you decide to deliver mass emails to subscribed users from your email list.

If you download Bulk Mailer today you will be able to:

Get professional bulk mailing software with just one-time fee.

The software for bulk mailing is used to send out multiple messages and to manage the email list. Newsletter software is aimed at mass communication with friends and customers via sending personalized messages to the contacts form a mailing list or a special database. Bulk Mailer is factually email marketing software. It allows putting subscription links to a website or into a personal message in order to receive new recipients automatically. Also you can use "Unsubscribe" link that should be put in every message you create. In this way your email will be considered absolutely legal. Live Software offers two versions of Bulk Mailer. It is possible to download freeware and to purchase the full professional version. We charge only one-time fee for the software.

We suggest you to download the free version of Bulk Mailer to test it by yourself.

Free Download will allow you to:

Use the Original Emailing Software

AB Bulk Mailer was specially created to meet your email marketing needs. You can run this software on your PC whenever you need it. There are offered two versions of Bulk Mailer: the free and the paid one. The good thing of this is that the license for Professional version is lifelong. There is no need to pay any additional fees.

Your email marketing campaign remains private and secured with Bulk Mailer. After installing it to your own PC you no longer need to share the information about your subscribers with outside services. Take the full control over the mass mailing process.

The software allows importing unlimited amount of email lists, recipients and newsletters. No recurring fees!

Bulk mailer is a professional, highly comprehensive tool that is at the same time quite easy to use. The last 2.0 version is offered with a better friendly user interface. Try several sending modes, including SMTP relay mode that can be used with multiple email accounts.

Integrate opt-in and opt-out forms in your website or in the messages you send. This will make your campaign legal and you will never be spamlisted.

Create personalized messages. This option will help you when you want to use the own name of a customer in the subject or in the body of email. Remember "Dear Mr. Ahmad " will be much better than "Dear Customer". There are offered the most necessary customized fields. To find more information on that please visit our Help index concerning Email Merge.

Make your newsletters informative and attractive with the free professionally-designed templates.AB Bulk Mailer is aimed to make your conversation with the customer more effective.

Manage email lists, import and export the data to and from various sources such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book, Excel, CSV, Text, external data sources like ODBC/OLE DB: Access, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Dbase, Foxpro, Paradox. Filter the data as you like, send the messages to a specific addresses either a subgroup or an additional email list.  It's simple! Being a non-techie person you will cope with in seconds.

Built-in log Manager will always help you to keep email lists clean. This will automatically delete the hard-bounced, duplicates and will collect the other "bad" emails to another folder. After that you may be sure that your mass mailing will be faster and effective and you'll never be recognized as spammer.

The desktop software like Bulk Mailer will be a good solution for those who want to have several working sending modes, different types of delivery, possibility of HTML importing, bounce manager, personal black list and other features.

Well, if you're looking for a professional, high-quality product, draw your attention to AB Bulk Mailer. Be sure, you've already found what you really need. Get the best mass mailing software for reasonable price.


Our email newsletter software allows you to send all kind of messages: from simple email newsletters to complex campaigns addressed to thousands of subscribers.We provide perfect solution required to create and send email newsletters. Permission-based marketers find it perfect way for managing and growing their email campaigns and use it for sales promotions, client newsletters, opt-in email newsletters and bulk mailing. Marketers dynamically create email newsletter campaigns and take advantage of all target email marketing opportunities.

"AB Bulk Mailer is very effective mass email software because it delivers email messages directly to recipients' inbox.



Registering AB Bulk Mailer :

Please visit the below link that guides you about the registering process:-


Best practices for sending emails:-

ab bulk mailer software from ab bulk mailer on Vimeo.