how to send million mails per day free
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how to send million mails per day


Need to send a million emails - more or less, let's say it doesn't matter the exact number provided that it's really, really big?

AB Bulk Mailer is top downloaded email software in the world.It allows you to send half a million mails per day per computer using free multiple gmail, yahoo, smtp server accounts.

Well, first of all it should be clear to you that you cannot use a common mail client or a webmail. Opening up your Gmail account and importing all the million contacts in the BCC line would be crazy - and impossible, because a normal email provider gives you only a limited number of relays per day.


Also, these providers use non-monitored SMTP servers that strictly depend on your internet connection at the given moment and can rely on bad IPs which can harm your deliverability.

So to send 1 million (or also 1000, or 10.000, or no matter how many) good emails you need a reliable way for using smtp server by ab bulk mailer software able to manage a wide list.

AB Bulk Mailer software is advanced software that allows you to add multiple accounts to send emails. So impossible itself says I am possible. All you need to is to use multiple email accounts from gmail, yahoo, msn, comcast, gmx etc and start your million mail marketing compaign. More cleaner email database you have, better are the results of targetetd marketing.

We recommend not to send large file attachment as it effects inbox rate. But AB Bulk Mailer has an option for it. You may import free email templates from internet or build them yourself in 'Messages' in software. This way you can promote your business online using email marketing, free facebook and twitter add posting features in ab bulk mailer. You can even track your bulk mailing compaigns to work smartly rather than by working hard. Software allows you to manage unlimited lists group with-unlimited recipients through contact groups to whom you can send emails normally and by email scheduling.

Do targetted marketig and send legal stuff only rather than spamming. AB Bulk Mailer allows you to embedded image support in your email compaigns, automate the creation of your emails and uses sophistacated delivery methods to send email to inbox. The making a newsletter is no longer an art, as company provides free technical support as manual input tasks are minimized and sending speed is not compromised as anti spam policy is fully ensured and spam concepts are exploited properly. get familiar with can spam act to overshadow security warnings. You need to give attention to understand bulk mailing basics as it's advantages in increasing company revenue can not be taken for granted.

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how to send million mails per day free



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