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You can track your bulk mailing responses

Email Read / Email Open Report

From our AB bulk mailing software you can track the details that how many people have seen your mail and will get a detailed report of how many people are opening or reading your bulk email messages. This report helps you analyze the efficiency of your bulk mail marketing.

If you have your own website you can track opens. We recommend not to use tracking as it effects email delivery.
Still if you want to use it, please follow below steps:-

Step 1:
go to your web panel of your website, go to phpMyAdmin , create a mySQL server database, and then create a table in it using below script:-

CREATE TABLE `opentracking` (
`eid` varchar(64) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
`ipaddr` varchar(16) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',

Practically you can have any database like Oracle, sybase etc, but the above fields are required.

Step 2: Go to Message in AB Bulk Mailer and click Edit HTML link in it and type below at the bottom:-
<IMG src="http://mysite.com/tracking/getPicture.php?eid=[emailAddress]">

Step 3: Open getPicture.php and view.php, located at path C:\Users\abobjects\Documents\ABBulkMailer\tracking\ on your computer and replace localhost, databaseName, databaseUser, databasePassword by
IP of your server/localhost, name of database, database user attached to the database, database password respectively.
After making the changes upload the getPicture.php, view.php and logo99.jpg to your website in say tracking folder.
Assume you uploaded it to http://www.mysite.com/12/tracking

After doing the above one time activity,to view number of opens any time,
please open below link in your browser:-

Replace mysite.com by your website name.

The sample php files can be seen in tracking tab in Messages.


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